Upper Eyelid Surgery FAQ


Upper Eyelid Surgery

Quick Fact Guide
1Consultation time required
New patient 30 minutes.
2Approx. total cost
Provided at consultation.
3Usual length of operation
1 hours
4 Do I need to stay overnight?
No, it is a day surgery only. No overnight stay is needed.
5Type of anesthesia (usually)
Local anesthesia
6Are there permanent scars?
Yes, but usually well hidden in skin creases and very hard to see.
7Pre-operative Instructions
No aspirin two weeks before, fast according to instructions, take any usual meds with a sip on the day of surgery. If you get ill, i.e. flu before surgery, notify us.
8On discharge
Go home to rest under supervision, drink well, take pain meds as directed, start a light diet if you feel able to. Use saline eye drops during the day and eye ointment lubricant at night as directed
9Next Day
Mobilize around the house, rest, drink well, take meds as directed, we encourage walking. Expect bruising around the eyes for 10-14 days.
10Day 2 – 7
Increase mobility as you feel better
11After Day 7
Return to usual activities, but no heavy lifting
12When is my first post-op visit?
Day 7 at the office to remove the stitches.
13Is there pain?
Very little to no pain after the first day – might need Tylenol or Advil for a day or two. Eyes may feel gritty or sticky for a few weeks after surgery.
14Is there swelling?
Yes, especially first 3-7 days.
15Is there bruising?
Yes, upper eyes 10-14 days.
16Are there stitches to be removed?
Yes, on day 7
17Are there dressings?
Just the first night with gauze at the corner of the eyes
18How do I manage it?
You remove the gauze the following morning and no further dressings are required other than the topical ointment on the stitches
19Can I shower?
20When can I see people without surgery being obvious:
When black eyes resolve, 7-14 days.
21When can I drive?
As long as the swelling and bruising are not limiting your vision, you are able to drive. For some this is immediately, for some it takes 1-2 days.
22When can I go back to work?
As long as there is no heavy lifting, you may return to work the next day. Keep in mind that the swelling and bruising are still obvious for 1-2 weeks. Sunglasses will hide this, outdoors. If you cannot see people with bruising or swelling then you will need 1-2 weeks off if you can. For important social events or photographs, you need 6 weeks recovery time before you are photo-ready.
23When can I exercise?
2 weeks after surgery.
24When can I resume heavy lifting?
4 weeks after surgery.
25Things I should call the office about
A change in vision particularly if accompanied by increasing pain is an emergency as it can be a sign of bleeding behind the eyelids. This can be treated if identified right away and you should call the office as well as go to the ER. You may also call if there is pain not controlled by the Tylenol. Vomiting or unable to take plenty of fluids. While some oozing from the incision is normal excessive and ongoing oozing from the wound or dressings is not normal. Fever over 38 degrees. Increasingly sore eyes or any visual problems.


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