Body Lift FAQ


Body Lift

Quick Fact Guide
1Consultation time required
New patient 30-45 minutes.
2Approx. total cost
Provided at consultation.
3Usual length of operation
5-6 hours
4 Do I need to stay overnight?
Usually yes, one overnight stay
5Type of anesthesia (usually)
General (you are asleep) and often combined with an epidural
6Are there permanent scars?
Yes, a lower abdominal horizontal scar that goes around the back at the top of the buttock (like a belt) and around the belly button
7On discharge
Go home to rest under supervision, drink well, take pain meds as directed, start a light diet as you feel able to. Keep head up and a pillow under your knees when lying down.
8After Day 7
Return to usual activities, but expect to feel tired and need rest. No heavy lifting for 4 weeks
9When is my first post-op visit?
Day 2 to 4 after discharge
10Is there pain?
Expect moderate pain – will need painkillers for a few days.
11Is there swelling?
Yes, especially first 14 days. Often this swelling will track down the thigh, lower legs and ankles due to gravity. It will often take 3-6 months to fully disappear.
12Is there bruising?
Yes particularly along the flanks and often can track down the thighs and onto the lower legs and ankles due to gravity.
13Are there stitches to be removed?
No, they are dissolving. Sometimes the knot or end of the suture can present itself (works its way to the skin surface) and even though it would dissolve on its own over time, it is trimmed at the 2 week post op visit.
14Are there dressings?
Yes, daily small amount of polysporin or fucidin and gauze to the belly button.
15Are there drains?
Usually no, but there is the possibility of needing drains (this decision is made intra-operatively)
16Can I shower?
Not until after your first post operative visit, but you can sponge bath or use a hand held shower to avoid getting the dressings wet for the first few days.
17When can I see people without surgery being obvious:
The next day when you get dressed and feel fairly comfortable, but you will feel tired, need rest and won’t be moving at the same speed.
18When can I drive?
Must be able to see clearly, be off strong painkillers and able to move normally and comfortably, usually around 7 days. It is always best to try a short drive around the block and if you feel you are moving well, reacting normally and can look around normally, then you should be OK to drive.
19When can I go back to work?
Office work: 14 days Heavy lifting jobs in 4 weeks
20When can I exercise?
Begin introducing exercise lightly 3-4 weeks after surgery.
21When can I resume heavy lifting?
4-6 weeks after surgery.
22What are things to watch for after surgery or things that I should phone the office about?
What are things to watch for after surgery or things that I should phone the office about? A sudden painful swelling can be the result of post operative bleeding, pain not controlled by the above mentioned medications, vomiting and inability to take fluids which can lead to dehydration, excessive oozing from the dressings, fever over 38 degrees, progressive swelling or redness spreading away from the incision, or calf pain/tenderness. If you have any difficulty breathing you need to go to the ER or call 911.


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