What To Expect

What to expect from your consultation

On your first visit (consultation) you will meet directly with Dr. Eckhaus to discuss your concerns and goals.  Consultations often take between 15 and 30 minutes but may be longer with more complex or combined procedures.

He will then teach you as much as possible about the various procedural options available for cosmetic improvement so that you can make well-educated decisions.

Dr. Eckhaus’ patient care coordinator will guide through the costs involved.

A second visit is encouraged to allow you to go home, think about what was discussed at the first consultation and follow up with any remaining questions. 

Pre-operative and post-operative photos of patients are used as an educational tool when appropriate during these visits.

What to expect from our staff

We strive to achieve the highest standards of professionalism, courtesy, and compassion.  Our staff is dedicated to making your experience (before, during and after surgery) relaxed, easy, and enjoyable.  We are here for you.

What to expect after surgery

Similar to the concept that every patient is different, so too is every procedure.

There are, of course, common themes when it comes to recovering from surgery, but it is difficult to summarize the degree of bruising, swelling, pain, and time to healing as it is different with each procedure.

Please view the Pre-Operation & Post-Operation Recovery Guide sections of the following pages for more information regarding each procedure:

What to expect from Dr. Eckhaus

You can expect someone who will listen to you and your goals and desires.  Dr. Eckhaus will provide you with an individualized and detailed plan designed to achieve your best possible result.

You can expect the utmost attention to meticulous detail in both the planning and execution of your surgery.

You can expect him to be with you throughout the process.  He views post-operative care during the recovery phase as just as important as your consultation and surgery.  Though not common, complications are always a possibility with surgery. You can expect that he will be even more present by your side were this to occur to manage, care and treat the complication.

You can expect a true professional who cares for all of his patients with compassion and respect, and who practices plastic surgery because he truly loves it.