Medial Thigh Lift

What is medial thigh lift?

Substantial weight loss or age can cause the skin on the inner thigh to become loose and saggy. Because this is also a common area for fat to deposit, this can cause irritation from constant chafing.  Liposuction alone is not a procedure we recommend in this instance because the skin is so thin that liposuction alone often doesn’t yield desirable results as the skin fails to tighten.

A medial thigh lift involves removing the excess fat by liposuction, then excising the excess skin to re-contour and shape the inner thigh.  The scar will extend vertically from the junction of the inner thigh and groin, down towards the knee. While we make every effort to keep the length of the scar as short as possible, it varies from case to case depending on the degree of skin excess. This procedure is often complimented with liposuction around the inside of the knee to improve the final shape.

The Surgery

A medial thigh lift is typically done using general anesthetic although it may also be done under a regional or epidural anesthetic.  It takes roughly 3 hours and requires no overnight stay. Only dissolvable sutures are used and a compression garment is applied at the end of the procedure.

After Your Surgery

Here are some things to expect following your surgery:

  • The compression garment is worn for a total of 4 weeks. 
  • Bruising and swelling is common and begins to subside within the first week.
  • After 48 hours the dressing can be changed and showering is permitted.  A dry dressing once daily is applied.
  • Typically patients require 2 weeks of downtime and should avoid strenuous exercise for 4 weeks.