Eyelid Contouring

Surgery on the upper eyelid in males differs from surgery on females primarily in consideration of the ideal location of the brow.  In males, the ideal location is lower than in females and should be at or near bony rim of the upper eye socket (lowest bony portion of the forehead).  Because of this, less elevation of the brow is performed and more of the excess skin is removed.

In lower eyelid surgery, the droopiness of the cheeks can also be addressed and elevated as a “mid face lift”. These techniques are specific for males in order to achieve a rejuvenated more youthful, yet masculine result.

The Surgery

The surgery may be performed either under a general anesthetic, or heavy sedation and local anesthesia. Depending on whether a mid-face/cheek lift is combined as well, the operation typically lasts between 90 minutes and 3 hours.

Incisions are hidden within the natural skin creases.  Any scarring typically fades and are not usually noticeable once completely healed.

After Your Surgery

Here are some things to expect after surgery:

  • A period of eye irritation or discomfort is usual due to the inflammation in the tissues caused by the surgery. Ointments and drops may be administered to resolve the issue.
  • Keeping your head elevated post-operatively will lessen the initial swelling, though bruising and swelling is common for 1-2 weeks. Some patients may experience persistent swelling that can take 1-3 months to resolve.
  • Patients typically require 2 weeks of downtime.