Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss

Each massive weight loss patient will differ in the way they have lost weight, the amount of weight that has been lost, and the degree of skin laxity that has resulted.  Males and females do tend to lose weight differently and from different areas of the body.

Ultimately, an individualized plan is the best approach and this will be discussed in detail at your initial consultation.

One key difference in body contouring after weight loss in male patients is that body hair can be an excellent camouflage for scar on the abdomen, chest wall, arms and thighs.

Secondly there are obvious differences in the ideal male breast/chest shape and size and female breast/chest shape and size.  Chest wall surgery in males will often require horizontal incisions across the chest wall and may not be well tolerated unless that patient has reasonable chest hair to cover up the scar. 

Dr. Eckhaus has extensive training in the management of body contouring after massive weight loss in both men and women.  He will spend quite some time with you developing an individualized plan to best suit your goals and to achieve the shape and size that you desire.